2024 Districts in Play

Help us Defeat David Schweikert in AZ-01

  • David Schweikert is a MAGA extremist Republican who won by a mere 3,195 votes in 2022.  As a Republican representing a district President Biden won in 2020, David Schweikert is more vulnerable than ever.
  • MAGA Republicans continue to rally behind David Schweikert, a serial violator of ethics rules and campaign finance laws. Since 2020, Schweikert has faced 11 House Ethics violations and an FEC fine of $125,000 for “knowing and willful” campaign finance violations.
  • Schweikert wants to make abortion illegal with no exceptions for rape or incest, and backed an abortion ban in Arizona that would make abortion illegal after 15 weeks and also includes no exceptions for cases of rape or incest.
  • Schweikert has absolutely no intention of protecting Social Security and suggested that people should delay their hard-earned retirement.
  • Schweikert sponsored a bill to end birthright citizenship for children born in the United States, and said that establishing a path to citizenship for DREAMers – undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children and grew up and went to school here – was “a bit of a leap.”

Help us Defeat Juan Ciscomani in AZ-06

  • In 2022, Juan Ciscomani won his race by just 1%. In 2024, he will have to defend a district that President Biden won in 2020. 
  • Juan Ciscomani is an avid Kevin McCarthy supporter, defending him on the floor of the House during House Republicans’ chaotic 15 round Speaker’s race. He is a rubber stamp for every extreme piece of legislation House Republicans are pushing through Congress.
  • Ciscomani wants to make abortion illegal and cheered the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as “historic.” Ciscomani knows his abortion stance is so out of touch with his district that rather than defend his position to a voter, he physically ran away when asked about his position.

Help us Defeat Kevin Kiley in CA-03

  • Kevin Kiley is a MAGA extremist who will be forced to defend a seat that continues to trend towards Democrats and away from Republicans.
  • Kiley has been deemed a ‘MAGA’ champion, having refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential results and shared a stage with QAnon conspiracists.
  • Kiley voted against making abortion more accessible in the state of California. Following the Supreme Court’s draft leak, Kiley denounced calls to protect Roe v. Wade.

Help us Defeat John Duarte in CA-13

  • John Duarte won his 2022 election by just 564 votes in a district that President Biden won by 10 points. In 2024, Duarte will be one of the most vulnerable House Republicans.
  • While Duarte tries to portray himself as an everyday farmer, Duarte is a wealthy politician who owns and is president of one of the largest commercial nurseries in the world.
  • Duarte knowingly sold defective trees to local farmers, and continues to face legal battles for his shady behavior.

Help us Defeat David Valadao in CA-22

  • In a presidential cycle, David Valadao will be forced to defend a district where Democrats hold an 18-point registration advantage over Republicans and where President Biden won by 12 points. In a lower turnout 2022 election, David Valadao won by just 3,132 votes.
  • Though David Valadao has twisted himself in knots to present as a moderate to his deeply purple district, Valadao has voted in lock step with his extreme party – for abortion bans, MAGA-led investigations, and empowering far-right members.
  • In Congress, Valadao opposed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, voted to raise taxes on Central Valley families while cutting Social Security and Medicare, and backed repeated attempts to block raising the minimum wage for California workers.
  • In 2017, he voted to allow an age tax on older Californians that would charge them five times more for their health care. In 2019, he voted to rip health care away from more than 60,000 of his own constituents. He even voted against protecting paid sick leave.
  • Valadao is an anti-choice extremist who signed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe; supports a national abortion ban that doesn’t offer exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the woman; and voted against protecting access to contraception.

Help us Defeat Mike Garcia in CA-27

  • Mike Garcia is one of 18 House Republicans representing a district President Biden won in 2020 and CA-27 is the second highest Biden victory margin on the DCCC’s offensive list at 12.6 points.
  • Mike Garcia is a MAGA extremist who voted against certifying the 2020 election, even after rioters stormed the Capitol in a deadly insurrection.
  • Garcia signed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe; supports a national abortion ban that doesn’t offer exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the woman; and voted against protecting access to contraception.
  • Garcia has campaigned on fully repealing the Affordable Care Act, despite the fact that some 1.7 million Californians annually rely on the ACA since its creation; Garcia insisted we need to get the ACA “off the books” and that he only supports Medicare “at certain levels.

Help us Defeat Young Kim in CA-40

  • Young Kim is one of 18 House Republicans defending a seat that President Biden won in 2020 as the district continues to trend toward Democrats.
  • Young Kim is a MAGA sympathizer who votes in lockstep with Kevin McCarthy and some of the most extreme Republicans in Congress. 
  • Kim voted against protecting access to contraception, safeguarding a woman’s right to travel to another state to receive an abortion if their state bans the medical procedure, and codifying Roe after the Supreme Court overturned it – leaving room for MAGA Republicans to pass a nationwide ban.
  • Kim has voted against widely popular, common sense gun reform despite a scourge of gun violence targeting children in schools and communities of color.

Help us Defeat Ken Calvert in CA-41

  • Ken Calvert is a corrupt and extreme MAGA Republican who was taken to his limits in a cycle that was supposed to be favorable to Republicans.
  • Calvert voted against certifying the 2020 election, even after a deadly insurrection and stated he hoped the charges against the individuals who stormed our Capitol would be dropped.
  • While he is eagerly trying to reverse course now that he represents Palm Springs, home to one of the largest LGBTQ+ communities in the country, Calvert has a long history of advocating against LGBTQ+ rights. Calvert voted for the federal Defense of Marriage Act and sought to ban same-sex marriage in California. He has also voted against providing LGBTQ+ people with comprehensive protections against discrimination.
  • Calvert is an anti-choice extremist who signed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe; and refused to protect abortion, contraception, and interstate travel for abortion in the 117th congress.
  • Following his manipulation of earmarks, Calvert has been called one of the most corrupt members of Congress. He pushed through earmarks that garnered him substantial personal profit. Calvert has also been tied up in illegal land deals which led to formal lawsuits for ‘fraud and deceit.’
  • Calvert has been roundly condemned for his ties to Big Oil, having received hundreds of thousands in campaign donations from the industry.

Help us Defeat Michelle Steel in CA-45

Help us Win in CA-47

  • After winning a competitive primary in March, California State Senator Dave Min was added to the DCCC’s coveted “Red to Blue” program.
  • Min will face off against perennial candidate Scott Baugh – a dangerous, anti-abortion extremist and alleged election manipulator. 
  • In CA-47, Democrats hold a voter registration advantage that continues to trend away from Republicans. Since 2016, Republicans have lost 3.4 points in their registration share, while Democrats have gained 4.4 points.
  • In 2022, Rep. Katie Porter defeated Baugh by more than 9,000 votes. 
  • The DCCC is thrilled to help elect Dave Min and keep California’s 47th Congressional District blue this November. Dave is a long-time Orange County problem solver and legislator, first-generation Korean American, and former enforcement attorney at the Securities and Exchange.
  • First elected to the California State Senate in 2020, Min unseated an Orange County Republican, who had won his previous election by 14 points, to represent the more than 1.1 million residents of California’s 37th Senate District – which at the time included more than 80% of the 47th Congressional District that Min is running to represent, including the cities of Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. Dave Min has proven that he knows how to appeal to these voters, and Baugh has proven time and time again he does not.

Help us Win in CO-03

  • In a district won by Donald Trump, Democratic candidate Adam Frisch lost in 2022 by just 546 votes. 
  • Frisch, a local businessman, has consistently been a top fundraiser nationwide, bringing in more than $11 million in 2023. 
  • Lauren Boebert’s decision to leave the CO-03 race and run elsewhere shows just how formidable an opponent Adam Frsich is. 
  • While his Republican opponents move further to the right, Frisch is focused on the issues that matter most to everyday Coloradans: ensuring seniors receive the retirement benefits they deserve, protecting Colorado’s water, and ensuring Colorado’s rural communities have effective representation.

Help us Defeat Anna Paulina Luna in FL-13

Help us Defeat Maria Elvira Salazar in FL-27

  • Maria Elvira Salazar has admitted that she’s done nothing to help South Floridians with economic hardships. Instead, she has voted to block economic opportunities every chance she gets. 
  • Maria Elvira Salazar has stacked up ethics violations, joined her party’s dangerous crusade to strip women of their fundamental freedoms, and voted against multiple efforts to lower costs, save jobs, and combat inflation.
  • Rather than stand for the principles of democracy and freedom so many of her constituents fought for, Salazar has chosen to embrace and spread blatant disinformation, lies, and extremism for her own far-right radical political allies.

Help us Defeat Mariannette Miller-Meeks in IA-01

  • Despite her previous career as a medical professional, Mariannette Miller-Meeks has a dangerous record of promoting conspiracy theories.
  • Miller-Meeks’ record in Congress can be defined by her open hostility to Iowa’s working families and seniors and their health care.
  • Miller-Meeks supports a dangerous nationwide abortion ban that would not include exceptions for rape, incest, or for the life of the mother.
  • Miller-Meeks has faced an ethics complaint for her misconduct after she skirted the most basic personal financial transparency rules.
  • Miller-Meeks registered to vote at a friend’s house on the last day of voter registration within her newly drawn district, then voted in the county the day before the 2022 election despite records showing she did not live at this residence.

Help us Defeat Zach Nunn in IA-03

  • Zach Nunn eked out a victory by the slimmest margin in the state by only 0.7% in 2022.
  • Nunn’s record is one of a corrupt career politician who has never hesitated to put his special interest and corporate backers first, even when it means selling out Iowans.
  • Nunn supported banning all abortions with no exceptions, even when a woman’s life is at stake.

Help us Win in MI-07

  • Michigan’s 7th Congressional District is a suburban and rural district centered in Lansing, and is home to large student populations at Michigan State University. 
  • The DCCC recently added Curtis Hurtel to its coveted “Red to Blue” program. Curtis is a relentless advocate for mid-Michigan, serving in the state legislature and as a member of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s cabinet. In both roles, Curtis has shown a willingness to work with Republicans and Democrats to get things done for everyday Michiganders.
  • Curtis will face-off against perennial Republican challenger Tom Barrett, an anti-abortion extremist who voted several times against a tax incentive that would bring billions of dollars in investments and thousands of jobs to Michigan. 
  • In 2022, MI-07 was one of the most expensive competitive House races in the country. Rep. Elissa Slotkin defeated Tom Barrett by more than 20,000 votes, out-performing President Biden.

Help Us Win in MI-08

  • Michigan’s newly reconfigured 8th Congressional District has supported Democrats in every House, Senate, and presidential election since 2014 – and 2024 will be no different. 
  • In 2022, Governor Whitmer won this district by double digits and in 2020 President Biden won it by two. 
  • We are confident mid-Michiganders will put their trust behind a pragmatic Democratic candidate who will follow in Rep. Dan Kildee’s footsteps as a problem solver, focused on the issues that matter most. 
  • Time and time again, MI-08 voters have put their trust behind a common sense, bipartisan leader, not a MAGA extremist who will rubber-stamp Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Help us Defeat John James in MI-10

Help us Defeat Ryan Zinke in MT-01

  • Zinke is a notorious anti-abortion lawmaker who has repeatedly voted against abortion access. Zinke has accepted the endorsement of extreme anti-choice groups National Right-to-Life Association and Montana Right-to-Life. Zinke voted against consideration of the Women’s Health Protection Act which would codify the reproductive freedoms Roe v. Wade, and has voted to pass anti-choice legislation that could imprison doctors. 
  • Zinke – who served as Interior Secretary under the Trump administration – was found to have misused his position to advance a development project in his Montana hometown and failed to disclose details of his involvement when questioned by ethics officials, a federal investigation found.
  • Zinke came under fire in the 2022 campaign after Politico reported his wife designated her primary residence as their home in Santa Barbara, California.

Help us Defeat Don Bacon in NE-02

  • Don Bacon praised insurrectionists who attacked the police who bravely defended our nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021 as “patriots” and “outstanding, wonderful people,” and even stated that “many of them are my friends.”
  • Bacon voted “hell yes” to gut protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions and backed Trump’s lawsuit to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, all while bankrolling his campaign with pharmaceutical industry cash.
  • Bacon wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest or to save the life of a mother. 
  • NE-02 swung for Biden in the 2020 presidential election by more than 6 points, Bacon held the District in 2022 by just 2.6 points.

Help us Defeat Thomas Kean Jr in NJ-07

Help us Defeat Nick LaLota in NY-01

  • Nick LaLota is yet another corrupt politician who has repeatedly abandoned his duties in office to uplift his own personal ambitions and proven he can’t be trusted with power. 
  • LaLota has a long history of attacking law enforcement, even making the case for abolishing the Amityville Police Department and cutting police wages to save money.
  • LaLota applauded the catastrophic Dobbs decision that stripped women of their fundamental rights, and has advocated for New York to limit its own abortion protections. 
  • As elections commissioner, LaLaota was accused of disenfranchising voters when he ended a walk-in absentee voting program, and his efforts prompted a voter to sue the Suffolk County Board of Elections.
  • After redistricting, New York’s First District moved 4.5 points in Democrats’ favor, putting this swing district in Democrats’ reach.

Help us Defeat Anthony D’Esposito in NY-04

  • Anthony D’Esposito is a steadfast MAGA Republican who has a clear record of shamefully abusing taxpayer dollars for his own political ambitions, and threatens women and families with his anti-choice beliefs.
  • As a town councilman, Anthony D’Esposito put friends and family on payroll and gave them raises, even voting to give his mother a raise. The state Supreme Court ruled that D’Esposito broke the law to give favors to relatives.
  • Unlike the vast majority of New Yorkers, D’Esposito praised the Supreme Court for overturning Roe V. Wade, and even supports allowing states to ban abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or even if the woman’s life is in danger. 
  • New York’s 4th Congressional District is a diverse, highly educated district in the latest configuration and remains supportive of Democrats. 
    • The 2020 congressional candidate carried this district by 19.4 points and President Biden enjoyed a 14.6% margin of victory.

Help us Defeat Mike Lawler in NY-17

  • As a candidate, Lawler wrote in an op-ed that he opposed the Inflation Reduction Act, which gives Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices and caps the cost of insulin at $35/ month for Medicare recipients. 
  • In Congress, Freshman Mike Lawler voted against consideration of the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify the reproductive freedoms established in Roe v. Wade. In the New York State Assembly, Lawler voted against multiple bills to protect abortion rights in New York amid threats to Roe v. Wade and accepted the endorsement of a group that supported outlawing abortion even in the cases of rape or incest.
  • Biden won NY-17 by 10 points in 2020. In 2022, Lawler flipped the District by half a percentage point, making it a top pick-up opportunity in 2024.

Help us Defeat Marc Molinaro in NY-19

  • Over his decades as a corrupt career politician, Marc Molinaro has consistently abused his office and betrayed hard-working New Yorkers.
  • Molinaro has raised taxes in every office he’s held, peddled millions of dollars in government contracts to his campaign donors, and made taxpayers pay thousands of dollars for his luxury vehicle. 
  • Marc Molinaro has a long history of opposing a woman’s right to an abortion, and has quickly aligned himself with extremists pushing for a nationwide abortion ban that completely strips women of their rights and puts them in grave danger.
  • The latest NY-19 would have supported President Biden with nearly 53% of the two-way vote, an improvement from his 50.4% margin in 2020.

Help us Defeat Brandon Williams in NY-22

  • Brandon Williams is an out-of-touch, anti-choice multi-millionaire who continues to choose MAGA extremism over New York families.
  • A Texan, Brandon Williams has chosen to use his platform to defend the gun lobby over New York families. After the horrific shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Williams has repeatedly attacked red flag laws, which allow courts to temporarily prevent someone who is deemed a danger from accessing a gun, claiming that this common-sense measure is a violation of the constitution and abuse of government authority.
  • Williams is an unabashed supporter of radical efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade, calling the devastating Dobbs decision a “monumental victory” while repeatedly bemoaning the fact that “nothing would change in New York.”
  • This district has been purple historically, with split tickets between some top-of-ticket candidates and congressional candidates over the years, but both President Biden (53.8%) and Secretary Clinton (51.1%) came away with a majority of support, as did Congressional Democrats in 2018 (50.9%).

Help us Defeat Lori Chavez-DeRemer in OR-05

  • Chavez-DeRemer will be defending a district that President Biden won by 9 points in 2020.
  • Chavez-DeRemer supports a nationwide abortion ban
  • Chavez-DeRemer is a threat to quality, affordable healthcare. 
    • Chavez-DeRemer said she “won’t stand” for “government-funded healthcare” such as the Affordable Care Act, and even criticized Medicaid expansion in Oregon.
    • Chavez-DeRemer was backed by the extreme Oregon Tea Party – a group that supported repealing the Affordable Care Act in its entirety.
  • Chavez-DeRemer, an extreme MAGA Republican, refused to give a clear answer on whether President Biden won the 2020 election and questioned the trustworthiness of Oregon’s vote-by-mail system.

Help us Defeat Brian Fitzpatrick in PA-01

Help us Defeat Monica De La Cruz in TX-15

  • De La Cruz opposed pandemic aid for families and small businesses; she raged against the American Rescue Plan using debunked Republican talking points, claiming “none of this had anything to do with fighting COVID-19.”
  • De La Cruz supported privatizing Social Security, risking American seniors’ guaranteed retirement benefits on the stock market.
  • De La Cruz has repeatedly publicly questioned the 2020 election results in Texas, falsely claiming that voter fraud “cost her the race” in 2020 and asserting, without evidence, that Texans cast ballots without being on the voter roll.

Help us Defeat Jennifer Kiggans in VA-02

Help Us Win in VA-07

  • In 2020, President Joe Biden won Virginia’s 7th Congressional district by 7 points. Rep. Abigail Spanberger won the district by 5 points during the 2022 midterm elections – a year election forecasters predicted would be a “red wave” for Republicans. 
  • There are several strong Democratic candidates vying for the nomination. Meanwhile, Republicans are neck-and-neck in the fight over who is the most extreme. Notably, both Republican candidates, Derrick Anderson and Cameron Hamilton, are fighting for an abortion ban in the Commonwealth, following in the footsteps of the 2022 Republican anti-abortion extremist Yesli Vega. 
  • The 2023 Virginia off-year elections made clear the 7th Congressional district will remain in Democratic control: Democrats held a critical House of Delegates seat, winning by more than 5 points, and flipped a Prince William County Board of Supervisors seat from red to blue by 3 points. 

Help us Defeat Bryan Steil in WI-01

Help us Defeat Derrick Van Orden in WI-03